Tuesday, May 10, 2005

This isn't my actual license plate, but I thought the last post could use a picture


Brother person said...

New Hampshire's plates are "Live Free or Die," which, while not being precisely sarcastic, are at least kind of funny. I think that Iowa should change ours to "Your Sh!t stinks too" or "I went all low-cost-of-living ethanol-producing fields-of-feed-corn-not-for-human-consumption on your mom last night." But 6 point font is just hard to read on the highway.

tsvidogg said...

New Hampshire's plates are particularly poignant in light of the fact that there is no mandatory seat belt law for adults.

Just a few months ago, the chief of the New Hamphire Highway Safety Agency , declared his opposition to a bill that would make seat belt use mandatory for adults. He believed it was too intrusive. I can see the Governor taking that position... but the Chief of the safety agency?

Well, maybe it's worth listening to his explanation: "If we are now buckling up, voluntarily, two out of three adults, that's a pretty good increase [from the 16 percent who buckled up voluntarily in 1984]. The adults who are buckling up voluntarily realize the lifesaving technique of buckling up."

Oh, I get it. So it isn't the job of the Chief of Highway Safety to save the lives of those who haven't yet put 2 and 2 together... fair enough.