Saturday, May 14, 2005

Doppelgangerland: Lindsay and Nicole


Nikky and Nicole (both photos from E!Online)

Lindsay Lohan and Nicole Richie seem to have been sucked down the same vortex of ashy-blond hair and bony-ass skinniness. Props to Nikky Hilton for resisting its gravitational pull.


brother person said...

The major problem with these pictures is that we cannot acutally see their asses to make sure that they are bony and skinny. They both do seem to have gone to the same 'hand on your hip, coquettish flirty smile, throw the sholder back to expose the goods' school of posture. And my god those heels look uncomfortable.

schlap-diddy said...

The other thing I find bizarre and obnoxious is the ubiquity of the hand-on-hip, chin-down, sly-temptress pose. Paris, Nicole, Nicky, Lindsay -- no one has looked directly into the eyes of a single media ho under the age of 26 since January. Now is the time to become a celebrity chiropractor!