Monday, May 23, 2005

Deal on nuclear option: What should I think, O media?

So it seems that 14 Senators made a deal that will avert the nuclear option. In my line of work (whose exact description I will leave vague because, even though only 20 people read my blog and I know who you are, I am pretending to be anonymous) this was the biggest news since sliced bread. However, I found nonetheless that I was not sure what I thought about it. I mean, I had a few thoughts, namely:
  • Janice Rogers Brown: thinks New Deal was socialist revolution; will be Justice on D.C. Circuit = bad.
  • Possible filibuters of rabid psychos in future = good.
  • Internal thoughts in style of Terminator or Bridget Jones = disturbing.

Other than that, my reaction was that I need to read more stuff online to see what other people think about it. Does this mean I am going dumb in my old age, or does it just show the whole postmodern, nothing-has-meaning-until-we-collectively-assign-it-meaning chestnut was right all along?


Toolstein said...

Am I the only one who thinks the whole thing's gonna happen again in September once the Chief resigns? On that note, though, apparently the Chief told his clerks for next term to move to town. Maybe he's not going anywhere yet.

But, please, T&A -- your internal thoughts keep me going during the dreariness that is my workaday life. Keep them coming.

T&A Lady said...

Thanks for supporting my internal thoughts, Toolstein!

Re: the clerks: I think that Rehnquist will keep some of his clerks even if he retires, and also A3G hypothesized that O'Connor only hired three clerks for next year so that she could absorb one of Rehnquist's. So his hiring processes are not necessarily a good way to predict what he will do.

tsvidogg said...

Color me ignorant, but what will Rehnquist do with these Supreme Court clerks once he has retired?

molybdenum1 said...

The current Supreme court is like the Lakers of a few years ago. (Bear with me. . . ) They argue, they hate each other, everyone either loves what they do or hates it, and they are all 7 feet tall and weigh close to 400 pounds. So what I am saying is that Rehnquist is not retiring, he is in negotiations with the Supreme Court of another nation to transfer there so that he will no longer be overshadowed by the younger, more brash, and probable rapist Kobe-Scalia. And that Phil Jackson is going to be our next Cheif Justice.

the captain said...
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the captain said...

Lots of folks are claiming Sen. Lindsay Graham has indicated there's a secret agreement that SOME of the Repubs in the moderate cabal are not going to vote for all three of the floor-vote compromise nominees. The way it was set, it seems reasonably likely that one of them is going to lose on the floor (or, more likely, I think, never get introduced on the floor). The loser has to be Rogers Brown, no?
BTW, if anyone has a link to the Nina Totenberg story on her confirmation hearings last fall (JRB's) - it was the most embarrassing thing I've heard in a good long while. She couldn't answer basic first-year Con Law questions.