Thursday, September 25, 2008


It was last Saturday afternoon.  I thought to myself, I've gotten a lot done today:  I went to yoga, got some stuff at Whole Foods, got a pedicure, met with a financial planner, and saw our friend A's baby. 
Holy.  Crap.  Would it be humanly possible for me to fit more yuppie activities into one 24-hour period?  Only if I had done some recreational drugs or renovated something.  So, yes.  I am a yuppie.  Not that they use that word anymore, but there it is.
Which got me thinking, now that we've finished the Wire, maybe our next TV-on-DVD obsession should be thirtysomething.  Watching other yuppies navigate this decade might give me a heads-up, I think.  Only to find out that thirtysomething is NOT AVAILABLE on DVD!  Talk about a market breakdown.  How are we to learn from history if we can't easily watch fictionalized versions of it on the boob tube? 

Monday, September 22, 2008

Sarah Palin's accent

Among all the other fears I have about what will happen to the world if the bad guys win the election, I must now add the risk that Minnesota accents will begin to seem sinister rather than adorable.  Please god no!  I love me some MinnesOtans and their cute-talking ways!  But I feel it happening already--Tina Fey's "I can see Alaska from my hOuse" echos in my brain like a harbinger of the end times. 

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Sarah Palin

I can't believe I haven't posted anything about Sarah Palin, since I think about her approximately 22 hours a day.  Of course, I can't remember most of those ingeniously clever and biting insights right this second, so I will just share with you the few that are floating about at the top of my brain right now:

1.  According to the NYT, the woman did not tell her own children or parents that she was pregnant with Trig until her third trimester, and even then she told her aides a week before she told her own kids, and then she didn't tell them he had Down Syndrome ever--Willow, the 14-year-old, noticed for herself after he was born.  Who hides information like this from their own children?  A crazy person, is who.

2.  So far she is playing both sides of the woman angle to great effect--talking about her kids/PTA/hockey-mom self as though that qualifies her to be VP, and then also accusing anyone who criticizes her (and the media in general, because they might criticize her) of being sexist and/or mean for picking on her poor girlish self.  This is a sticky minefield of quicksand for a man to wade into, so WHERE IS HILLARY to call her out on this crap?  WHERE OH WHERE? 

3.  I had better donate some money to Obama now. 

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Brokeback biker

As I may have told you via a somewhat hysterical email last week, Mr. T&A got into a bad bike accident the weekend before last and broke three vertebrae in his back.  He's going to be fine, but it was a very terrifying (for me) and painful (for him) experience.  I should probably write a longer account of the whole thing at some point if only because he can't remember anything for a period of several days and would like to hear the whole story, but that won't be much fun.  So, I will just note a couple of things that have occurred since the accident which I find both funny and heartening, in that they involve Mr. T&A acting very much like himself: 
Act I
In the hospital, the day after the accident
Mr. T&A:  I need to go to the bathroom.
Nurse:  OK, but you can't stand up yet, you'll have to use a bedpan. 
Mr. T&A:  That's OK, I don't have to go to the bathroom. 
Act II
In the hospital, two days after the accident
Mr. T&A (on his Blackberry, which was the second thing he requested after underpants, to coworker):   Hey, i'm not at work because i had a big accident on my bike and am in the hospital.  How're things?
At home, after returning from hospital, middle of the night
Mr. T&A:  Mike Tyson really beat me up.
Me (thinking this is a good joke):  Hehe, yeah he did.
Mr. T&A:  Wasn't I sleeping in the other room?
Me:  No, your mom's in there.
Mr. T&A:  But didn't I first encounter Mike Tyson in there?
Me:  You didn't really get into a fight with Mike Tyson, you had a bike accident.
Mr. T&A:  But didn't I at least have a Mike Tyson action figure at some point? 
Glad you're doing OK, sweetpea.