Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Ashley and Jamie-Lynn: abstinence not working out so good

Ashlee Simpson is apparently joining Jamie-Lynn Spears in the exclusive club of Premaritally Pregnant Younger Siblings of Famous Pop Stars Who Were Formerly Famous Virgins.  This should really be the last nail in the coffin of abstinence-only education. 

DC is as cool as London circa 1990

When I was 13 we went to London for a semester, and while I was very peeved that my parents were making me leave Iowa (such is the mysterious mind of a 13-year-old), I was extremely excited to visit a key London attraction, the Hard Rock Cafe. You had to wait in line for hours to get in, and a Coke cost about forty dollars, but it was worth it: as I sat there, marvelling at Led Zeppelin's guitar or Madonna's bra or some such like displayed over my table, cradling my new Hard Rock t-shirt (black, with the logo in pink, purple, and teal), I felt myself effortlessly morphing into a cosmopolitan, worldly individual.

So last night I was going to meet a friend in downtown DC, and what did I see but a HARD ROCK CAFE IN DC. It was as though I came home and found Skid Row in my living room: it requires a realignment of my understanding of the world. Is it possible that the things I thought were awesome in 1990 are now . . . not cool? Or did my life become ultra-glamorous when I wasn't paying attention?

Friday, April 04, 2008

More optimistic non-chart

My last post was a smidge depressing. (Don't worry, Mom and Dad!) So people don't go taking away my belts and hiding the knives:

In: Sing for Obama!
Five Minutes Ago: Brief-writing for clients
Out: Talking to myself

In: Gardening
Five Minutes Ago: Decorating
Out: Makeovers

In: Relief
Five Minutes Ago: Anxiety
Out: Boredom

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Tragic non-chart o' unreasonable work schedule

In: Work taking over life
Five Minutes Ago: Looking for "life's work"
Out: School

In: Missing the daylight
Five Minutes Ago: Missing the cherry blossoms
Out: Missing TV

In: Take-out Taxi
Five Minutes Ago: Frozen pizza
Out: Eating dinner with other people