Thursday, September 25, 2008


It was last Saturday afternoon.  I thought to myself, I've gotten a lot done today:  I went to yoga, got some stuff at Whole Foods, got a pedicure, met with a financial planner, and saw our friend A's baby. 
Holy.  Crap.  Would it be humanly possible for me to fit more yuppie activities into one 24-hour period?  Only if I had done some recreational drugs or renovated something.  So, yes.  I am a yuppie.  Not that they use that word anymore, but there it is.
Which got me thinking, now that we've finished the Wire, maybe our next TV-on-DVD obsession should be thirtysomething.  Watching other yuppies navigate this decade might give me a heads-up, I think.  Only to find out that thirtysomething is NOT AVAILABLE on DVD!  Talk about a market breakdown.  How are we to learn from history if we can't easily watch fictionalized versions of it on the boob tube?