Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Brokeback biker

As I may have told you via a somewhat hysterical email last week, Mr. T&A got into a bad bike accident the weekend before last and broke three vertebrae in his back.  He's going to be fine, but it was a very terrifying (for me) and painful (for him) experience.  I should probably write a longer account of the whole thing at some point if only because he can't remember anything for a period of several days and would like to hear the whole story, but that won't be much fun.  So, I will just note a couple of things that have occurred since the accident which I find both funny and heartening, in that they involve Mr. T&A acting very much like himself: 
Act I
In the hospital, the day after the accident
Mr. T&A:  I need to go to the bathroom.
Nurse:  OK, but you can't stand up yet, you'll have to use a bedpan. 
Mr. T&A:  That's OK, I don't have to go to the bathroom. 
Act II
In the hospital, two days after the accident
Mr. T&A (on his Blackberry, which was the second thing he requested after underpants, to coworker):   Hey, i'm not at work because i had a big accident on my bike and am in the hospital.  How're things?
At home, after returning from hospital, middle of the night
Mr. T&A:  Mike Tyson really beat me up.
Me (thinking this is a good joke):  Hehe, yeah he did.
Mr. T&A:  Wasn't I sleeping in the other room?
Me:  No, your mom's in there.
Mr. T&A:  But didn't I first encounter Mike Tyson in there?
Me:  You didn't really get into a fight with Mike Tyson, you had a bike accident.
Mr. T&A:  But didn't I at least have a Mike Tyson action figure at some point? 
Glad you're doing OK, sweetpea.