Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I apparently did not post on my blog a single time in October.  Christ!  So as to get the juices flowing, here is an eclectic assortment of updates:

1.  Obama won!  Which you probably know.  At first I felt like perhaps we were in the last season of Roseanne, where they win the lottery, and then in the finale it is revealed that this was all the daydream of a depressed and still poor Roseanne.  But it seems to be lasting!  So I am very happy about that!

2.  We went to Italy in October, and that was really awesome.  Italy, among other things, has a lot more ads for tourist destinations than we do here--or at least the BBC and CNN International do.  Based on those ads alone, I would like to go to India ("Incredible India"), Greece (no slogan, just smiling people), Malaysia ("Truly Asia"), and Croatia ("The Mediterranean as it Once Was").  The ads for Macedonia were kind of janky, so it's not at the top of my list, but if the recession continues maybe it would be a good cheap option.

3.  Speaking of the recession, I am happy to see that the fashion world seems to have foreshadowed it by making the big new look for fall . . . patterned tights.  About the cheapest thing you can possibly buy.  I got some cute ones at Target for $12 this weekend.

4.  I saw Role Models last weekend and it was GREAT.   Yes, it's another "men will be boys until forced to grow up on pain of incarceration" kind of tale, but it's a well-done version of that.  Also, the kid who I found annoying as McLovin' in Superbad was awesome as a very sincere, painfully awkward and younger-seeming kid into Life Action Role Play (LAIRE, I think) in this movie.

That is all.

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