Friday, May 13, 2005

The sorry state of the journalistic profession and joke-telling penises

This Detroit Free Press article provides lots of information about the the indecency prosecution of Timothy Huffman, whose penis was apparently the star of a public-access television show:

The offensive-talking penis did a form of Rodney Dangerfield-esque comedy. ("Yeah, yeah, yeah. I was in the Army, ya know. I didn't do much, ya know what I mean? I just hung around.")

Great! Timely, relevant reporting--but where is the key detail? HOW DOES THIS MAN'S PENIS TELL JOKES? If the mainstream media would quit being so coy, maybe bloggers like me wouldn't have to shoulder such a heavy burden! (Hehe. Kidding.)

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dan said...

you really are a blogger now. complaining about the MSM; trumpeting the blogosphere for "touching" the "big," "explosive"... er.. "stories" that they won't.