Tuesday, May 31, 2005

I'm baaaaaaack! And trying to learn from Paris Hilton

Paris, Savant and Lover

I apologize for my long absence! (If anyone is interested in sponsoring me so that I may quit my job and devote myself full-time to blogging, I worry for you.)

You may think all Paris Hilton has to teach us is how to maintain a stoned-chipmunk look while inadvertently starring in pornos, but in fact that is only one of her many talents. She is also a woman of wise words. This week she opined on the importance of concise writing:

"Last time I met her we were in a restaurant together. She slammed down the menu and screamed, 'I hate reading.'"--Pamela Anderson in the Globe

Word, Paris. In that spirit, I will cut to the chase: Paris is engaged to a man named Paris. Awesome.

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