Tuesday, May 10, 2005

How did I miss this?

Renee "Constantly Changing Bodyweight" Zellweger got married to Kenny "Country Music Kinda-Star" Chesney! I didn't even know they were dating! This kind of shakes my confidence in my knowledge of all celebrity romances. Must redevote self to reading US Weekly on a regular basis! (Namely, every week.)

This Washington Post article contains the weird tidbit that Kenny was inspired to write a song called "You Had Me At Hello" after seeing Renee in Jerry Maguire. To me the message of that movie was that it's better to be in a relationship with someone you don't really love than to be single, which makes the anecdote kinda creepy.


Toolstein said...

Well, let's be honest here. Being single really sucks.

Jake said...

I'm looking forward to Kenny's next single, "Fell In Love With A Girl Whose Face Looks Like It's Perpetually Imploding."