Monday, June 13, 2005

Shocked, SHOCKED: TomKat edition

Sometimes the news is News, and sometimes it's a bunch of super-obvious information that the nation might write about itself in a sort of cosmic 6th grade time capsule ("My name is the United States. My favorite colors are red, white, and blue. I like: puppies, Horatio Alger stories. I don't like: terrorists, poor people.") Here are examples of both:

Super-obvious: Cruise PR machine spins out of control (Rocky Mountain News) Uh, you think?

News: Katie Holmes doesn't know how she met Tom Cruise either ( What?!? Even I know how they met (in short: Tom calls Kat, mystery business-y meeting, sushi-on-jet, walk-on-beach, making out, creepy car-cleaning, true love, Scientology) and I wasn't even there. If they have bad memories, why don't they just read USWeekly?

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