Thursday, June 23, 2005

The Real World: In/Out

The new season of the Real World premiered this week, and good lord, did it make me feel old. I remember the first season of the Real World like it was yesterday, and, in the true mark of an old fogie, I am confident it was waaaaay better back in the day. Perhaps I can best quantify this with a classic In/Out chart (except you will have to use your imagination for the chart part, since Blogger doesn't support fancy shit like that):

Out: Angry black men
In: Fiery Latinas

Out: Republican Cuban virgins
In: Sheltered pale hairdresser virgins

Out: Throwing forks
In: Broken facial bones

Out: "If Puck lives in the house, Pedro does not live in the house."
In: "He's a typical frat guy--that's what I love about him."

Out: Aspiring artists
In: Hot tubs

Out: Straight girls learning about gay people
In: Straight girls making out with each other

Nostalgia is such an overwhelming thing. Get Granny a walker and a DVD of Real World: Season 1.


Jake said...

The median age of this Real World cast is 20.7. A person of that age was 7 years old when the first Real World premiered.

Think about that.

Jake said...

And by median, I meant mean.

I was not a math major.

Toolstein said...

I wonder if the cast even remembers Eric Neis or Puck or Judd. Or Nirvana, for that matter.

Dan said...

They remember Eric Neis because he STILL butters his bread with the MTV reality industry. He's a fixture on the Real World v. Road Rules Challenges. And he's nearly 40. And he has grandchildren. And a walker. And, well he's old is what I'm saying, and never had a proper job. Except for "The Grind." Which wasn't really proper, to begin with.

Whew! I have to get back to work now.

Blonde Justice said...

Me too! My best friend and I loved the 1st Real World season (especially Eric!). We were dying to see Eric and Julie live happily ever after. Can they ever replicate that chemistry? Man, I feel old just thinking about it.

Remember when Julie said "you have a beeper? Are you a drug dealer?"

Kids today would say "what's a beeper?"