Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Life imitates art: Lindsay re-enacts "Mean Girls" movie

If you missed the cinematic gem that was Mean Girls (featuring a pre-twig-shaped Lindsay Lohan), don't worry about renting it, because Lindsay is making like a Civil War re-enactor and redoing the movie in her actual life!

Just like the movie, "Mean Girls: The Life" started with Lindsay as a cute, smart newcomer to a scary new environment (high school/Hollywood, respectively):

Mean Girls: the movie

Mean Girls: the life

In the second act, though, she was seduced by an army of popular people (The Plastics/The Hilton Sisters) and made herself over into a soulless high-fashion popular-girl clone:



This week Real Life Lindsay moved on to the part of the movie where she has a party but doesn't invite the Alpha Girl she is trying to dethrone: she had Jessica and Ashlee Simpson barred from an MTV Movie Awards after-party. Her fidelity to plot minutae is astounding!

The movie conflict is resolved (SPOILER ALERT) when Tina Fey rounds up all the girls in the gym and makes them realize they shouldn't be mean to each other anymore. I anticipate that in the reality version this will take the form of Parker Posey cornering the Lohan/Hilton/Ritchie clan in some coke-drenched bathroom, feeding them sandwiches and getting them to a rehab clinic. I'm so excited for the end of the movie! Thanks for entertaining us, Lindsay!


Jake said...

This is brilliant. Gawker should link to it.

T&A Lady said...

Holy crap! I was so flattered by Jake's comment that I went all shameless self-promotion-y and sent Gawker my post, and they actually linked to it! This is, like, the most thrilling thing that has EVER HAPPENED!! I am totally buying you a drink at the high school reunion, Jake. :)

femme feral said...

I love this! Hilarious. The pictures you picked are perfect!

Anonymous said...

Really funny! I just read on today that Lindsay's working on a movie for MTV Films called Bad Girls. It isn't a sequel to Mean Girls but sounds pretty similar... And according to Jossip, Hilary Duff might also be in it?!

Frank said...

Lindsay was probably worried that Jessica would strip down into a red bikini, work herself into a foamy lather and start punching people. I think it's all for the best...

Anonymous said...

i love the mean girls the movie i think u she make a second mean girls movie but with the same ppl

that is the best movie ever