Tuesday, January 03, 2006

The insinuation that dare not speak its name: A3G and Anderson Cooper edition

So Article III Groupie, the blogger-queen of the federal judiciary, re-emerged recently, removing the password protection from her website, Underneath Their Robes, and announcing that he is leaving his job (which he holds under the code name David Lat) as an assistant U.S. attorney in Newark and moving to the sparkling city of D.C. Welcome back, A3G! And welcome to my list of D.C. quasi-celebrities who, if I see one of you, I think to myself, Where do I know that guy from? Did I go to college with him? I'd better look away in case he talks to me and I can't remember his name.

But my point is, what is the story with the title of the AP article about Lat's return: Spicy Blogger Leaves Attorney's Office? Spicy? Is David Lat a menu at a Thai restaurant? Is he a Latina trope on The Real World?

In other news, have you seen the ads for Anderson Cooper 360? (Try to stay with me here, people.) They quote somebody noting that Cooper has "a newness" about him. A newness? Has Anderson Cooper molted? Is a review of a performance art installation?

A new year and a new boatload of linguistic innovations I don't understand: I must be almost 30. Perhaps I'll feel better if plan to do something fun tomorrow. I hear there's a great movie about some spicy cowboys who have a newness about them.

Oh yeah: Happy New Year!

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Tom said...

I like my cowboys with roasted chipotle salsa.