Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Golden gay agenda

So the gays totally cleaned up at the Golden Globes last night, with the cowboy-on-cowboy weeper Brokeback Mountain winning Best Picture and Philip Seymour Hoffman picking up a "Best Actor" prize for his portrayal of Truman Capote.

Transsexuals also brought home their slice of the pie, as Felicity Huffman nabbed the "Best Actress" globe for playing an MTF transsexual in TransAmerica.

In an ironic turn of events, lesbians got the short end of the stick and left emptyhanded.

The bisexuals couldn't agree on a consistent plan, so they too wound up frustrated. Luckily, we hear they met up with the lesbians at an afterparty, so everything turned out just fine.*

*Hehe. Um. When your agenda is accomplished and you stand in judgment of the world, homosexuals, please note that this is all in good fun.


Andrea said...

Any backlash from this post yet, T & A Lady, or are the lesbians in agreement that they left empty-handed?

T&A Lady said...

Dude, the lesbians have no beef with me. Right, lesbians? :)

Mr. A said...

once we gays take over, I hope to be put in charge of handing out pardons to a strictly limited number of straights. t&a lady, you will certainly be shortlisted, if only for invoking "cowboy-on-cowboy" action/love. but more specifically, george clooney will have a special place in gay heaven for his rather charming comments backstage at the golden globes. From the wire:

But only minutes later, Clooney was amiable and charming, no matter
what question was put to him, even when asked if he'd consider starring
with Heath Ledger if there were to be a sequel to Brokeback Mountain. "Heath is awfully handsome, so probably," Clooney responded.

T&A Lady said...

Thanks v. much for short-listing me, Mr. A--I'm flattered.

Are you conceding that George Clooney is not gay? I've always that of that as ambiguous.

Mr. A said...

I make no such concession, although I admit it is certainly the tenor of my post. I actually think of clooney as sort of pansexual. as in a) he is pan; and b) anyone who claims that they don't find him hot is a goddam liar.