Monday, August 01, 2005

Google stole my idea, thank God

I have a long track record of having great ideas, doing nothing about them, and then years later noticing that someone else is making a profit off them. I'm not bitter, though--I recognize that (as previously mentioned) I'm just lazy, and I appreciate that other people have entrepreneurial spirit, because otherwise I would have to live in a cave with no electricity and no Entertainment Weekly, eating only dinosaur meat.

However, that doesn't mean I can't talk myself up! Here are some examples of ideas I had well before they became reality:
  1. Beer with caffeine. I thought of this in the late '90s (in college, natch); Budweiser came out with its proposterously named, but, I think, still brilliantly conceived, "B-to-the-E" in 2004.
  2. Microbrew shampoo. (Is there a theme here?) Another college brainstorm--I worked in a restaurant that brewed its own beer, and I thought, "People like microbrewed beer, and beer is supposed to make your hair shiny--somebody should make a microbrew shampo." I don't know when this happened, but you can buy it here.
  3. A resurgence in the popularity of legwarmers. OK, so this one hasn't really taken off, but it's only a matter of time, mark my words.
My point is, just today I found out (thanks to BlondeJustice) that it's happened yet again! A few months ago I was trying to obtain some basic information via the Oh-So-Twentieth-Century system of Calling Information because I was in Virginia and needed to find the closest Crate and Barrel store. (Desperate times . . . ) The person said he could only look for a Crate and Barrel in a specific town, so I found myself asking in exasperation, "Can't you just Google it?" The answer is no, apparently the poor souls who work at 411 just have a phone book, or a sundial, or something.

Anyway, I started whining to anyone who would listen, "Why doesn't Google have a phone line?" And now they do! Well, sort of--it's a text message system called Google SMS (Short Message System). You can text with, like, short messages, and it will give you the answers! Never again will I have to drive randomly about Stripmall Land looking for a Crate and Barrel! Thank God for Google and its blatant stealing of my brainstorm!


Blonde Justice said...

Isn't it the greatest thing ever?

inoctiluci said...

Legwarmers were all the rage in Moscow. Maybe they'll be here soon.

- Elisabeth

Toolstein said...

T&A, you KNOW you'll have hit it big when the Google-SMS operators wear legwarmers while texting you back with the nearest Pottery Barn.

Anonymous said...

For the 411 thing, you can also call google at 1-800-GOOG-411. You don't get to talk to a human being like you do when you call your local 411, but it is like Google for your phone. And unlike the local 411, its free!