Tuesday, December 13, 2005

This post is like a box of chocolates

This week has been one of those times when I worry that I've gone dumb. Not Helen Keller dumb, like can't talk. More like Forrest Gump dumb, like not thinking good and anything I do right is just luck. It's been the kind of week in which I expect any day could be the day when when my boss comes into my office, sits down, sighs, and says in a kindly but firm voice, "T&A Lady, I think you know why I'm here. It's nothing personal, but we've finally figured out you're a fraud. Please leave quietly." In that spirit, this post has no overall message, but is composed of random thoughts. Here goes:

Lindsay Lohan looks pretty good lately! The brown hair is a huge improvement over the nasty blonde, and she seems to have gotten at least in the same general vicinity as some food. (Observation borrowed from Go Fug Yourself).

What is going on with Article III Groupie, a.k.a. David Lat? I haven't heard anything about him/her at all since the Great Outing of Mid-November 2005. I sort of imagine that he's cowering under a desk somewhere, unable to reconcile his overachiever upright citizen lawyer self with her overachiever fabulous blogger self. Tough break, sweets. Good luck.

Mariah Carey has her assistant hold a straw to her lips so she doesn't have to pick up a glass herself (breaking news courtesy of A Socialite's Life). Interesting. I can't even imagine that that would save much energy. If I had a personal assistant, I would definitely have her take out the trash, and maybe drive me around and stuff, but I really don't think I'd get into the whole feeding-me-fluids-like-an-infant thing. It's a little too close to ass-wiping, if you know what I mean. Although if I keep it up with this dumb thing, I might have to consider it.

And that is all I've got. For reals, nothing left to say. Going to bed now. Wish me luck on the whole brain-function thing, will you?


Toolstein said...

T&A, don't knock the straw-holding thing until you try it.

Anonymous said...

I suspect most everyone (except those strange self-deceptive beings with egos the size of Detroit) at least occasionally gets that creepy feeling that they are a fraud, that someone will come to assist them off the property.

Parents, for instance, may realize that they have no idea how to deal with their rapidly changing child; or teachers that they really aren't so sure of what they are teaching. But you just keep plugging along, doing okay or better, and eventually realize that no one is as sure of themselves as they pretend and they are just acting that way. And that you aren't half bad, actually, and sometimes you are really quite good.

Starting something brings on these doubts particularly often. I see it in students doing internships, for instance, where they have a crisis of conscience or self-confidence about 3 weeks into their internship. It goes away.