Friday, July 08, 2005

Spending it all in one place

So, as you may have seen, Chuck and Caitilin won Beauty and the Geek last night. I must say, I felt really bad for Richard, because he clearly wanted to win soooo bad, and because his piano serenade to Mindi, his partner, was really cute (sample lyrics: "Mindi, It's windy, when you're not around.") Awww!

But anyhoo, only after they won did it become clear to me that the $250,000 prize they won was to be split between the two of them, leaving . . . wait a second, I can do this . . . in my head, I'm not even using a calculator! . . . $125,000 each, or a little under $100,000 after taxes, probably (I totally guessed on that one.) Doesn't that seem like not so much for a reality show? I mean, I guess this is the WB, and they didn't have to survive with no food on a deserted island for a month, but still. Anyway, I started to think to myself, What would I do with that amount of money if I had won? Here's my list:

-Pay off part of student loans.

That's the whole list. I feel kind of sick to my stomach.

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