Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Shout-out to my new blogging peeps

I'm very happy to welcome St. Scobie of St. Scobie's Mock Whiskey and Pooplatter of Poo Poo Platter to the world of blogging*! I am very flattered by Scobie's claim that her blog came about by accident in an attempt to post on my blog, although I suspect that this is a ruse that her subconscious concocted in order to let her inner blogger burst forth. I particularly liked her discussion of how Bush should reveal his nominee:

How will the nominee be revealed?

Good question. Brook thinks GWB should put the nominee under a heavy black cloth and then, right as he says his/her name, whisk the cloth off, revealing the nominee.
For me, I sort of imagine him being really gushing and silly, saying “I just hope the American people are as crazy about (him/her) as I am!” and then lofting the nominee’s hand high above their heads in victory.
Both of these ideas were definitely superior to by-the-book approach Bush actually chose, which was: let the new guy wear the red tie, try unsuccesfully to suppress smirk, refer to his "heart."
Pooplatter's Special Purpose (if you haven't seen The Jerk with Steve Martin, you really should)is clearly pasting the heads of political figures on other bodies, as such:

Prom (courtesy of Poop Platter) Posted by Picasa
So anyway, welcome, darlings! You bring a little ray of light to my otherwise dark and annoying day. :)

* I would say "blogosphere," but really I don't feel like a member of such a place (e-place?), since something with "osphere" in its title sounds like a huge world full of varied, interdependent species, whereas I pretty much just write about TomKat, and sometimes judicial nominations, and link to Wonkette. I think it's more accurate to say T&A resides in a blog-o-diorama. So, welcome to that.


caitlin said...

Thanks, T&A! We are, as they say, just squirrels in your world. I'm thinking of doing a photoshop workshop to impart my mad skillz on the teeming, huddled, humble masses.

T&A Lady said...

I would totally take your photoshop workshop, pooplatter. I am living in the 18th century of digital photography--my digital camera broke, and I have never even figured out how to remove "devil eyes" using editing software. In fact, this lack of skillz resulted in a photo in a college alumni magazine in which I totally appear to be 3 months pregnant--verrrry sad.

Toolstein said...

T&A, how do "devil eyes" make you appear pregnant?

T&A Lady said...

Don't you know where babies come from, Toolstein?

tsvidogg said...

Me thinks this is all very Rosemary's Baby.