Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Wonkette hotties contest demonstrates democracy's failure

The whole Bush v. Gore, Grandpa-Abe-voting-for-Buchanan thing made you wonder, but now we have definitive proof that democracy does not work. Behold David Copley, the male* winner of Wonkette's recent White House Hotties competition:

19.5% of the vote, people. I'm not questioning the assertion by one of his flunkies that he's a "gentleman" to the ladies, which, I do not agree that simply not being a date rapist qualifies you for praise, but the point is that this is a hotties contest. Mr. Potato Head in an off-the-rack Republican Senator wannabe getup is not a hottie. By contrast, behold Jeb Mason:

That cowboy hat and those teeth . . . only 17%. Where is the justice, people? Where is the eyesight? I pose to you that feudalism is due for a comeback.

*The winner of the female half of the competition, Taylor Hughes, I have no quarrel with. She is undeniably hot, with her smirky smile and her tall volleyball player/prom queen vibe. The fact that she's Karl Rove's aide also highlights her likeness to the Evil Queen in Snow White, who objectively speaking was the second fairest of them all. That goes pretty well with DC's not-quite-as-cool-as-New-York-or-maybe-even-Philly complex.


Toolstein said...

I think it's proof that democracy DOES work. Think about it. The GOP takes over, and we have a massive influx of power-hungry, social-climbing, no-ambition-of-their-own, GOP wannabes. So who would they vote for in ANY election, with the slim hope of being tossed a table scrap of recognition at the next Federalist Society Conference? Of COURSE they'd vote for the guy-who-looks-like-a-future-GOP-senator over the wild-eyed, hot-as-hell cowboy type. Besides, look what voting for the LAST cowboy got them. A whole plate of embarrassment enchilada, that's what.

Anonymous said...

I thought fran townsend should've taken the female crown. total hot milf style. hughes is probably too much of a priss.

Bling said...

I agree Taylor is smokin hot.