Sunday, June 18, 2006

The wisdom of the non-chart

Again it is time for a brief amount of thought which you should pretend is in chart form:

In: Pitying Britney
Five Minutes Ago: Worshipping Angelina
Out: Identifying with Jen

In: Reproduction
Five Minutes Ago: Renovation
Out: Reinvention

In: Anti-estate taxes
Five Minutes Ago: Anti-gay marriage
Out: Anti-sex


Mr. T&A said...

T&A say wha?!?

Since when did reproduction become "in"? And how come we haven't talked about this?

Toolstein said...

Unless she means that "reproduction" as in "Xeroxing" is in. In which case you probably don't need to talk quite so urgently.

T&A Lady said...

Dude, my non-charts o' wisdom are not about me, they're about the zeitgeist, or something like that. Do you see me going all anti-estate taxes just because that's "in"? Not unless somebody's got a big old cash gift for T&A lady, you don't.