Tuesday, September 06, 2005

The BBC keeps it real

The New Orleans situation is so awful that I actually watched the news last night instead of MTV. An observation: the BBC is the only news channel that discussed whether the hurricane rescue effort was racist in a rational way.


BBC reporter: There are accusations that the response to Hurricane Katrina was racist, because the huge majority of the victims were poor and black, and they were left without food or water or medical assistance for many days, and many died as a result.

American reporter: Kanye "Straw Man" West made an accusation that President Bush doesn't care about black people. Generic Pundit, do you agree, or do you think it's divisive and inappropriate to play the race card at this time of crisis?

Generic Pundit: Thanks, Bob. At this time of crisis, it's divisive and inappropriate to play the race card. Plus, President Bush likes Condi Rice and Colin Powell, so it's just not true that he doesn't care about black people.

I hear England is beautiful this time of year.


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