Wednesday, December 31, 2008



Last year my only publicly-announced New Year's resolution was to be better at Scrabble.  I think I did pretty well at that--I played Scrabbulous on Facebook avidly for awhile, and transitioned from the basic "try to find a place for this cool word" system into the more advanced "look at where the high-letter squares are and see what I can play there" approach.  My passion for the game dwindled a little after a few months, at which time I switched to Scramble (Facebook's version of Boggle), which is less time-consuming because each round only lasts 3 minutes.  I think I'm improving on that, too, and it's a word game so it's close enough.  So, I will check this one off.

I know I made some other resolutions last year, but I recall only vaguely what they were.  Well, one was to be more confident and speak up more at work, and I think I accomplished that in one fell swoop the other week when I quasi-yelled back at the senior partner when he was yelling and swearing at me.  (That is a story for a work-related blog, which this definitely is not.  I don't like my job but I don't want to be one of those lame "I got fired for blogging" news items.) 


So, to introduce a higher level of accountability, this year I will set forth my resolutions so that I remember what they are.  Drum roll...

1.  New job.  Need need need new job.  Must get new job.  New job!! 
2.  More regular exercise.  This may entail joining a gym, I gather.
3.  Clean out my filing cabinets, and the storage areas in the basement.
4.  Get stuff around the house fixed.  (This one is almost done already--we have hired someone to start doing stuff starting possibly Friday.  25% done!) 

Not particularly exciting or original, but whaddareyagonnado.  Happy New Year!

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