Wednesday, January 02, 2008


I had been maintaining that I was too old for Facebook and that being on Friendster and LinkedIn was plenty of networking for me, thanks, but today I signed up for it furtherance of New Year's Eve resolution #1 (Become better at Scrabble), because my friend J informs me that you can play it on there. In a shocking turn of events, I discovered that MY DAD IS ALREADY ON FACEBOOK. This is a paradigm-altering event, like the emergence of TomKat from the primordial ooze. I have not yet finalized them, but Resolutions # 2+ will have to address my failure to keep up with my dad's level of coolness.


mu-galto said...

If the J you speak of is the one who recently kicked our collective asses at scrabble, I would listen to her advice. She has mad scrabble skillz.

Anonymous said...

I am cool, to be sure, but note that I have not befriended anyone: I am ethically confined to letting others ask me to be friends first. That's because I expect the friends to be alumnae and I don't want to look too forward.

By the way, Olive H. asked me to be friends tonight too!

Andrea said...

Her skillz are so mad, its sort of not fun to play with her. She's kicking my butt. Maybe this Olive person will distract her enough that I can get somewhere in this damn game.