Thursday, May 29, 2008

Starbucks ignorance

I have been a terrible blogger, so I will ease back into the habit with a poorly-developed thought:  is it possible that my deliberate ignorance about how to order at Starbucks is actually obnoxious?  I have long found it bizarre that people will order a "Venti skinny vanilla nonfat mocha latte, no water, extra foam" or something, all at once like it's one word they learned at Starbucks indoctrination camp.  So, in what I have I think subconsciously considered an effort to show I am not a Starbucks cyborg, I tend to say "Tea," and then they ask, "What size?" and I say "Medium," and they say "What kind?" and I say "Green."  But I realized the other day that this is just a PIA for the person who has to ask me all those questions, and I am probably smart enough to figure out what all the appropriate words are and say them at the same time. 


Anonymous said...
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Lemmonex said...

I feel your is a stupid ordering system. Yet, not only is that a bit of a pain for the barista, it also holds up us poor souls in line who know what we want.

rockstarjenny said...

no--don't give in. at least keep it in the happy middle ground where you say, "medium green tea, please" all in one sentence.