Tuesday, June 19, 2007

My Dog Day

For one day last week we had a dog. I came home from work and there she was on the porch, a little hot dog with big eyes and floppy ears, hiding behind a chair. She had me at "I'm a tiny, furry, scared creature who doesn't bark or drool much, and look, I will climb right up into your lap."

The next day we found her owners. I know it was a good thing--the dog's decision to pee in our office while we were at work was a testament to how poorly equipped we are to handle an animal that doesn't go in a litter box, and also our cats would have killed themselves if we'd kept her--but still, as we sat there waiting for owners to come get her, I felt like a pitiful teenaged girl waiting to give up her baby for adoption, and wondering if it was too late to flee the hospital with the kid if the adoptive parents turned out to be meanies.

They were not meanies--in fact, the woman was British, which, what is more reassuring than that?, and they gave us a bottle of champagne which, for all I know, is fancy. I'm sure Maddy (that's her name, it turns out, short for Madison) is better off with them, but still, sigh. A haiku seems in order:

Daschund Madison
My favorite living hot dog
Vist any time!


Toolstein's Co-Pet Owner said...

But, T&A, query why Maddy was not wearing a collar and how she got out of her house? As a fellow pet owner, these questions worry me.

T&A Lady said...

Good points, TCPO--those things made us worried that her parents were assholes. She did have a collar but no tags, which I don't know why that is, but the story for how she got out of the house made sense--they were taking their other two pets to the vet, and in the confusion she went into the garage to follow them, but they didn't see her, and then they drove away and since the garage door was open she just wandered away.

Toolstein's Co-Pet Owner said...

Ohhhh. That makes me glad I don't have a garage and live on the 14th floor.

Toolstein said...

Tasty Madison
With Sauerkraut and relish
I would devour you.

T&A Lady said...

Interesting, Toolstein, you're using "devour" as 2 syllables. I'd generally think 3, like "duh-VOW-er," but "duh-VOWR" sounds more Euro, kind of like how Dracula would probably say it, so that works for your freaky dog-eating purposes, I guess.

Mr. T&A said...

nothing funny to say. this exchange is awesome.