Thursday, October 05, 2006

Project Foley

It seemed that Keith, the first-ever designer to get kicked off Project Runway for breaking the rules, got a crash course in crisis management before appearing on the reunion special last night. Unfortunately for him, he got it from the Republican leadership of Congress circa Mark Foley.

Keith got busted for having pattern books, which are banned by the rules of the show, or at least they're banned according to everybody but Keith. Keith was not about to concede this point. "I don't remember reading any rules against having design books"--it was Keith's version of the "Someone may have mentioned something about some dirty emails, but I averted my eyes when they showed them to me, so I don't really know what they said." I, will admit to also having tried this oldie but goodie: "Dear Police Department, Please find me innocent of this parking ticket, as I did not look at the signs by the side of the road before I parked." It might work for big-scale stuff like a failed war, but for mundane stuff kiddie-toucher-cover-ups, low-level cheaters, and illegal parkers, it just doesn't fly.

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