Friday, October 13, 2006


My wedding anxiety dreams, previously confined to your standard I-forgot-to-get-my-hair-done-and-the-caterer-didn't-show-up kind of thing, this week took a turn for the freaky. I dreamed that North Korea blew up a big nuclear bomb, and everybody in the world either died or was going to die imminently. Mr. T&A and I did not die right away, so we decided to go ahead with the wedding, since if the world is ending you might as well have a party. However, what with most people in the world being dead, very few people came to the wedding (like, 5 or so) and everyone who was there looked like a ghoul from the Thriller video--tattered clothing, skin falling off in chunks, that kind of thing--and the whole thing was very depressing.

If you're coming to our wedding, don't say I didn't warn you.


Anonymous said...

Okay, I was looking forward to it, in a kind of nervous but happy parental-unit kind of way, but now I am really nervous. I mean, I have this nice new suit, but would it go with chunks of flesh, and wan faces, and moans?

Here's hoping you have better dreams, kid!

the older Iowa guy

Andrea said...

Thank God!! I lived to tell!! It was a great wedding, way more "Billie Jean" than "Thriller".

Mr. T&A said...

To clarify, there was no suggestion at the wedding that anyone had any mystery son.

Special thanks to the tech crew for making the floorboards light up when we walked down the aisle. We owe you guys one!