Friday, September 17, 2010

Cubicle/Walt Disney paper dream

I had a really weird, vivid dream last night. I was working on a big paper that I had to finish in order to graduate from law school or college, not sure which. I had rented a hotel room to work on the paper, but the room was actually a cubicle with a fold-out bed in it. There were several other people in adjoining cubicles, also working on papers. At some point in the dream I was telling someone what my paper was going to be about, and I said with excitement that I had decided to write about Walt Disney because I had already written about him before. (I wrote an autobiography about Walt Disney for a Gifted and Talented class assignment in 5th grade.) I said I was going to focus on both art history and math as they related to Disney films. The person I was talking to said that was a bad idea and maybe I should rethink it. I then realized that it was, in fact, a bad idea and went back to my cubicle/hotel. The cubicle was so full of paper that I couldn't fold the bed down.

And I am not even feeling stressed out about work, and my office is pretty clean! What does this mean? I woke up feeling grateful that I don't have to come up with topics to write papers about anymore, so I guess that's a good insight.


Sita said...

There's a chance Jane snuck into your dreams.

Anonymous said...

You know, you really didn't reveal the full truth about Walt Disney in that G&T paper. Perhaps your conscience has finally broken free.

a parent

TA said...

You're both right! I was probably thinking fondly of Jane's Disney fixation, and then it turned bad when I started to think about my Walt Disney paper. (I was basing the paper mostly on a sunny authorized biography, and then late in the game got an unauthorized one that revealed he was a bigot and an asshole, and I didn't know what to do with the information.)