Thursday, May 20, 2010

OMG CLE you're killing me

I am watching a CLE (continuing legal education) webinar about the legal ethical implications of the interwebs.  I'm sure if I watch more of it I will learn that I should not be blogging about the CLE class.  But OMG, the person talking just said all of the following: 
1.  "I actually went on a Twitter page once."
2.  "I don't know if those of you who are watching this on the web..i...sode can see this" (while holding up a newspaper). 
3.  "LinkedIn is for professional networking." 
4.  "Twitter is limited to 140 characters or less." 
5.  "Blogs now allow comments."
I feel super tech-savvy. 


Sita said...

By golly, you are! I'm just psyched to discover blogs allow comments. Woo hoo!

hunter said...

Really? It does? Or is it, they do? I'll get lost in the grammar, and then where will I be?