Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Best/Worst of the '00s!

The end of the decade feels much more salient for me right now than the end of the year.  The end of 1999 seems, in that cliched way, like just yesterday--didn't we just fill up the tub with water in A&E's apartment in Inwood so we'd have drinking water when the world ended, then head out in our chunky heels and matte lipstick for Times Square, although we'd get sidetracked by some bar containing pool tables and questionable gentlemen?  Ahh, good times.  So here are some assorted Top 5 lists for the Zeros:
Personal Top 5
1.  Meeting Mr. TA (aww)
2.  Regular vacations with friends from college
3.  Formation of cult/urban tribe (whatever you want to call it) in DC
4.  Evolution from boring jobs to stressful jobs
5.  Getting into law school  (for law school itself, see below)
Top 5 Moving Pictures on Screen
1.  Buffy the Vampire Slayer
2.  The Wire
3.  The Big Lebowski
4.  Bridget Jones' Diary
5.  DVD commentary tracks (as a genre)
Top 5 Things I Hope I'll Never Have to do Again
1.  Having random roommates
2.  any Bush presidency (I'm looking at you, George P. and Jenna)
3.  Moving without paid assistance
4.  Going to Lubbock
5.  Law school
See you in the Tens!

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