Saturday, November 07, 2009

Blogging for the third day in a row, non-chart edition

As Andrea noted, blogging is hard. My mom is participating in that write-a-novel-in-one-month thing this month, so it's pretty embarassing that I am having a hard time writing a blog post on this, my third straight day of blogging. But that's why the glib chart form was invented:
In: The health care floor debate
Five Minutes Ago: Election coverage
Out: People sawing their own limbs off
In: Preachy vegan yoga instructors
Five Minutes Ago: Doctors who specialize in "spirituality and health"
Out: Evangelicals
In: Blogging every day
Five Minutes Ago: Watching less TV
Out: Regular exercise


Andrea said...

My sister is doing the 'write a novel this month' thing too and I can't hack that either.

Anonymous said...

Your mom has fallen off the "write a novel this month" wagon. Big time. Sigh.

But you're doing great on the blogging! (she said with motherly enthusiasm)!