Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Self-pity party!

I am holding a huge, blowout self-pity party. You're invited! But you might not want to come. I mean, so far nobody else has shown up--it's just been me, alone, in my office, for days and days, including most of the weekend. Unless somebody else stopped by while I was taking a break, like to go home and have anxiety dreams (seemingly about having forgotten to send invitations or decide where people should sit at my wedding, but really about not finishing my brief in time) and to apply for new jobs (which I am also behind on). The cab driver who took me home last night joined in my party for a bit--he guessed immediately that I was a lawyer, and said if I was leaving work at 12:30 I must be either that or a consultant. So that was nice, or something.


Andrea said...

We should have a webcast of our bi-coastal pity parties! I can't blog about mine because co-workers read my blog.

Anonymous said...
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