Thursday, February 14, 2008

Don't get the Congressional steroid hearings

These hearings about steroids and baseball are fairly enticing, what with the lying, bloody gauze, betrayal, somebody blaming his wife for taking the steroids (!), thick-necked men in suits--but I utterly fail to get why Congress is concerning itself with this. It seems like a Terri Schiavo kind of deal--surely there is some other forum for resolving these issues, no? Baseball is our national past-time, etc., but so is gawking at Britney Spears, and they're not holding hearings on that, are they? (Those I would definitely watch, though.)

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Andrea said...

My opinion is that legislators are very nerdy, and the only way that they get to meet baseball players (since baseball is the sport of nerds everywhere) is to subpoena them for testimony. But since they are nerds and don't know how to act around celebrathletes, they have to act all scolding and contemptuous, with their long leading questions.