Monday, May 07, 2007

Overheard in the Gap* (Pentagon City)

First Girl:  I think the last time I bought anything at the Gap was, like, 5 years ago when I bought a sweatsuit for my grandma.  She only wears white, it's really weird.

Second Girl:  White's not flattering.

First Girl:  Well, my grandma weighs, like, 80 pounds.

Second Girl:  Sarah, your grandma's dead.

*Yes, I was in the Gap.  And I bought stuff, too.  I will not be ashamed! 


Miss Scarlet said...

Oh wow...haha! I like the GAP, but this past season looked like a safari threw up. Too much khaki!

T&A Lady said...

You are very right, Miss Scarlet--last season was an apocalyptic nightmare of wrinkled clothing that looked like it used to be white but got accidentally washed with something puce. Now they've moved in the opposite direction with this quasi-designer collection of all-white stuff. I was intruiged and nearly bought this ginormous white trapeze dress with a belted waist, but I resisted because it was $90 and I thought it should be $40. Come sale time, though, I may get it and will prance around like a hybrid of Julianne Moore in one of her sad '50s housewife roles, and a perky nurse. Cute, no?

Lia said...

I haven't been to the Gap in years, but this blog is hilarious!