Wednesday, February 21, 2007

I curse thee, o poet blouse

I know from poet blouses. I owned one in 1993. It was teal, and made of very shiny silk, and I got it at the Limited. Because it was silk, it was my fancy shirt--I wore it to important events such as varsity basketball games. Many other girls in my high school had the same shirt (albeit in other colors, like hot pink, eggplant, or forest green), so sometimes when I wore it I would feel slightly disappointed because I was predictable, although also somewhat reassured, for the same reason.

But eventually I realized: the poet blouse is a blight on all human clothing. Something called a "poet blouse" should be romantic and lovely, but in fact it is large and baggy and made to be tucked in, creating the look of a muumuu crammed into bike shorts. The rest of the world must have come to a similar realization at around the same time, because the poet blouse disappeared from civilized life (or at least from malls).

Apparently everybody except Banana Republic, because this is currently featured on their website:

Apparently 14 years is long enough for us to forget what history has taught us. Based on this, I'm calling it now: by 2009 we will see the return of the kilt-with-long-wool-vest combo that I wore to my senior high school Homecoming.


Jake said...

I totally remember that poet blouse. Maybe next time we're both home you can break that out and I'll dig out the paisley silk shirt I wore to Homecoming in 1992, and we'll go somewhere nice for dinner, like Hardee's.

T&A Lady said...

Alas, I got rid of the poet blouse many moons ago. Apparently you have either more storage space or less of a desire to deny your past than I.

I like your Night Out Circa 1992 vision, although I think we should go hog wild and drive to the Olive Garden. Maybe I can be persuaded to recreate the look via modern-day Banana Republic purchases.