Thursday, September 14, 2006

Giving thanks, for reals

We used to sometimes have Thanksgiving with family friends who made everybody go around before dinner and say what they were thankful for, like, out loud. I always felt squirmy, and roiled by the opposing urge to devise something clever and ironic to say, and the sense that I should muster up something sincere-sounding. Not because I wasn't sincerely thankful for various things, don't you know; just because, being a product of my generation and all, it felt tacky to express such things without a nice shiny coating of irony.

So, yesterday our house got robbed (I guess the technical term is burgled), and all of a sudden this long-standing impulse was obliterated. I all of a sudden felt completely non-ironically grateful for all kinds of things: that the T&A kitties were still here and were unharmed; that the burglars didn't take my Gram's ring; that they removed items neatly, without making a mess, because that made the whole transaction seem much more polite; that all of our stuff wasn't destroyed in a fire or hurricane. When Mr. T&A described how the police officer had told him that, if this were a murder investigation, they would send the leaf that was mysteriously located in the middle of our bed to the lab for analysis (which then led him to detail his involvement in the search for Chandra Levy's body, and to boast that he had recovered part of her finger), but that since it was a burglary they wouldn't bother to send the leaf anywhere, I felt overwhelmingly thankful that nobody was out combing Rock Creek Park for my finger.

So, kidlets, that's it--just feeling pretty good about things. Have a good weekend!

P.S. Plus, Verizon finally made our internets work. Yahh! In the spirit of this post, I won't even remark on the fact that this took them nearly a month and that their "Surf tonight!" ad campaign is a steaming pile of crap. Thanks, Verizon!


Jake said...

I'm glad you and the T&A family are okay.

And I too used to feel squirmy about saying what I was thankful for (usually at the same dining room table where you were seated), but now that I'm Grown Up I guess I understand it a little bit better.

Andrea said...

Once, our apartment in Chicago was burgled (is it a burglary if it happens during the day?) and a cop told me that my cat had attacked him when he, the cop, went into the closet to see if the suspect was in there*. The cop told me I should be thankful he hadn't shot the cat. In fact I think he said, in a heavy Chicago accent, "You should just be glad I had the presence of mind not to shoot that little piece of shit."

Uhh, thanks, officer. Anyway, I felt thankful about that, and also thankful that I was not a stupid junkie stealing crap to get high, left to the moods and trigger fingers of Chicago's finest. My recent addiction** to The Wire has reinforced that thankfulness.

ANYWAY, I am super-thankful that you guys are okay, and that my guys are okay, and that I have you as friends.

*They caught the "burglar" in the
alley, who claimed he was just "receiving stolen property." A neighbor had called the cops while watching this skinny lil crackhead shimmy in a window.
** An addiction that rivals the heroin it so prominently features.

T&A Lady said...

Awww, thanks, guys. :) Strangely, Andrea, the one of the cops who came to our house also drew his gun because of the cats--he heard something upstairs and Mr. T&A told him it was the kitties, but the cop got his gun out to go up and investigate. The cats didn't attack him and he didn't come close to shooting them, though, as far as I know.

T&A Lady said...

Oh yeah, and I think burglary is breaking into someone's house with the intent to steal stuff, whereas robbery is using force or the threat of force. I think maybe it's a higher degree if it's during the night rather than the day? Where's a lawyer when you need one?

Anonymous said...

You are right: burglary involves "breaking into" a place to take stuff, without force or threat of force. So the presumption is that no one is home. Had you been home, and thank goodness you were not, I'd guess the charges could include robbery, too.

I too struggled with those Thanksgivings, even as one of the "adult" persons, but I honestly have lots to be thankful for, your well-being being foremost.

A Dad

Toolstein said...

Burglary used to require that it take place "under cover of night," but I guess that someone smart realized that he could just start breaking into places at dusk without fear of the burglary rap on his record, so the powers-that-were changed all that.

Glad you're okay, Mr. and Ms. T&A. I'll gladly replace your corkscrew.

Anonymous said...

you know what's funny, not funny ha-ha, but funny coincidence type funny? that article in the NYT magazine this weekend about how our generation is wrapped in irony and fails to emote sincere, like, reactions to things; that in said article, the author contrasted his emotional (non)reaction to the state of the world with his father's harrumphing grumpy old man reaction; further describing speaking with his father about such state-of-the-world things (and experiencing a minor chink in the ironic armor) thusly: "I find myself overtaken by a most unpleasant feeling. I imagine it is not unlike what must be suffered by a man who returns home after a long day’s work to find, in his absence, that his lovely house has been looted."

Glad you're okay, and that no one shot your cats.

Tom said...

Might as well jump in and say that I am thankful for all of the things Ms. T&A is thankful for, but on top of which, I am thankful that my road bike didn't get stolen. As a general matter, I would be quite sad if it had been stolen. But seeing as how our house was burgled on Wednesday, and I headed to the opening ceremonies of Braking the Cycle on Thursday, I would have found myself in quite a pickle. In my life, that charity ride "really ties the room together," and if I was forced to sit on the sidelines because my house was robbed, I think the next twelve months until Braking the Cycle 2007 would have been quite sad.

Incidentally, Ms. T&A fails to mention that when the cop drew his gun in the basement and proceeded up the stairs, it occurred to me that the cop may have left the porch door open, and that the cats might have escaped. So, against my better judgment, I followed closely behind the cop, which is not the best place to be under the circumstances. I did, however, try to stay low. :)

APB said...

My condolences on the burglary, T&A household.
See you soon.
PS: Does the T&A household watch the MTV music video awards? I am asking because I watched them for the first time in a couple years and was stunned to see that most of the members of the top alternative rock bands now dress like a cross between the Mad Hatter and Willie Wonka. Which seems like the sort of thing that you might, like me, be puzzled and appalled by.

Toolstein's Co-Pet Owner said...

i am also glad to hear you are both okay and the kitties are too. although i feel like T&A cat freddy was probably all, "bring those guys back here! i'll show 'em." because he's kind of a badass.