Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Another non-chart!

I quite enjoyed my last foray into imitating Entertainment Weekly's In-5 Mintutes Ago-Out charts. The format lets you bring up topics that are floating around in your head without going to the trouble of linking them to other topics to form entire thoughts, and also to make dramatic declarations without having to defend yourself. Hence:

In: Demishton Jr.
5 Minutes ago: Brangelita
Out: TomKitten

In: Bratwurst
5 Minutes ago: Tater tots
Out: Homefries

In*: Solipsism
5 Minutes ago: Ontology

*The point at which I start using words whose meanings I don't know.


Jake said...

Regarding the third group, I feel as though you've unjustly slighted teleology, etymology, and most importantly, vibeology.

Toolstein's Co-Pet Owner said...

Um, this is totally unrelated to your post, but on my way to work today, I saw a license plate that said "TNACITY" and I IMMEDIATELY thought, "whoa, I gotta see the guy who has declared this fine District 'T 'n A City!'" I then realized that a) it actually meant "tenacity" and did not refer to women's body parts and b) my mind was pretty far into the gutter for a Wednesday morning. Anyway, since this blog is tnalady's blog, I thought someone might appreciate the anecdote.

T&A Lady said...

Toolstein's co-pet owner, honestly that license plate is one more reason I think I should maybe change my name. Other reasons: TNDA stands for "Texas Natural Death Act," "Toledo Notre Dame University," and "Television News Directors Association." The problem is, I have no other ingenious ideas. Does anybody else?

(Jake, you know I know what Vibeology is, although I think Paula Abdul could do better, but you lost me on those other ones. Do they have to do with bugs or outer space? We can't all be in fancy graduate programs where they teach you big words, you know.)

Plazz said...

thank goodness for the decline of tator tots. those things are nasty. like who was sitting around and thought, "french fries too closely resemble actual food. let's blend up a potato into tiny little bits, mix it with some nasty crap, form it into balls, and then deep fry the balls." yuck. plus now maybe we can stop going to tonic. that place sucks. wow, i'm really negative.

Toolstein said...

Dude, deep-fried ANYTHING is good.

T&A Lady said...

Toolstein, perhaps you do not know that plazz is a "super taster." Super tasters are very picky because they have more taste buds than usual and taste everything more strongly, or something. I thought he was making it up at first, but Google says he's not.

(Btw, plazz, while I like Tonic and it makes me sad to hear you diss it, I do feel bad for assuming that you were just being crazy about your soup the other night. It was really, really salty.)