Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Blogging for two

While laziness plays its part, another main reason why I haven't posted anything since November (!) is that I'm in a family way! Knocked up! Great with child! In trouble! So of course I want to spend my spare time meditating and speaking softly to my child, not staring at a screen.

KIDDING! Christ. But I did decide that I didn't want to post on Facebook about it. I guess it felt like announcing "I had sex, and I have heartburn!" So by extension I didn't blog about it, because that's the Interwebs too.

But now I have progressed well beyond the just-had-sex-and-heartburn phase. Now it's much more like there is is a tiny alien visibly trying to poke its little tentacles out of my stomach. So that's a fairly public situation. Plus, the time seems to have flown by, and the alien is scheduled to actually emerge into the world in ... 3 months! I feel like I can now barely remember what the earlier stages of the gestation thing were like, which is a shame I suspect. So, here I am back again to intermittently document the experience.

Speaking of Alien, I have actually not seen that movie, but I HAVE seen that other classic in creature-emerging-from-human, Rosemary's Baby. My dear A will surely recall that when she was pregnant with her older son, I could not go 30 seconds without making a Rosemary's Baby allusion. Satan is his father! Those food cravings are because the baby is Satan! Etc. That was super tactful of me. Sorry, A!

But anyway, now that I am the one with the bun in the oven, I am happy to say that Rosemary's Baby does not seem relevant. I don't have any suspicion that Mr. TA pimped me out to the devil. Or that people who offer unsolicited advice are in league with the devil. Or that my doctor (actually, midwife) is either buddies with the devil or is super sexist. Or that Mr. TA is going to be pissed if I cut my hair short. Or that I'm going to want to eat raw beef. I think these are all good signs. :)


Andrea said...

Since all those things are true (except that Mr. TA *might* get secretly pissed if you cut off all your hair), the Rosemary's Baby references never really bothered me. Okay, maybe a tiny hormone-induced bit. Anyway, mega-psyched for you over here in Cali!!

Anonymous said...

If I tentatively offer any advice, I do hope you won't think I am in league with the devil. Of course, you are always free to ignore that advice.


mu-galto said...


Oh and, once the baby comes, you will have to tell A that all the references you and J made to taking care of a baby being just like taking care of a cat were WAY off...

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Norwegianstitch said...

You are a really good writer :o)

Regards Linda

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